Need Affordable Fleet Management?

Start using CAR to bring predictable outcomes to your fleet management objectives.
Stay ahead of the curve by managing your fleet from anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser.  Our simple process can be used to get real time information from your fleet drivers while they are out working hard delivering, selling or brand building.

With CAR's Fleet plan,  fleets are achieveing the following results:
Each Driver Becomes A Customer
Entering each driver as a "Customer" allows you to keep all relevant contact information for the driver, readily accessible from our mobile first platform.

As a driver needs a service, they can bring their vehicle to the nearest facility.  Once that facility has provided an estimate for the service(s) needed, the driver logs onto the CAR Customer App and takes a picture(s) of the estimate and creates a service request.  The fleet administrator now gets a notification of the requested service and can review the estimate in real time and negotiate directly with the service facility.

Additionally, now there is a digital record for that service. If it was performed at a Service Center with a nationwide program, think National Pronto Association , you now have a great piece of mind initiative added to your process.

Fleet administrators or managers can also re-create the invoice on their end to have detailed records attached to every vehicle. 

To enhance that value, with the CAR Fleet Plan, you can gain the following business consistency with your fleet.

  1. Recreate an invoice and compare the price of the parts with those available from other vendors on PartsTech
  2. Export the transactions into a CSV file, allowing you to import them into any other platform
  3. Generate basic expense reports for the vehicles based on selected date ranges
  4. Add 5 employees to your profile and allow them to help you administer your fleet, distributing the workload

With our completely mobile enterprise solution, you can manage incoming fleet services for a fleet of 2 or 1,000 vehicles. Additional custom requirements can be tailored to you and your exact needs exactly as you see them.  We challenge you to find a solution that brings your fleet management experience any more value than we do.