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Fleet Management

Need Affordable Fleet Management?

Providing predictable outcomes to your fleet management objectives. CAR’s Fleet Management System allows for fleet managers, technicians,  and drivers the ability to access vehicles remotely to provide real-time information to get any job done. Our software can be utilized in the simplest to the most complex of vehicle management needs.

The Results

With CAR's Fleet plan, fleets are achieveing the following results:

Drivers can contact, schedule appointments, and more directly with the Service Center or be contacted by the directly by the Fleet Manager.

Keep updated on vehicle Local and Federal inspections dates, vehicle documentation expirations, and driver information at the click of a button


Fleet Management without a Repair Facility or a Repair Completed Outside The Fleet Service Center?


If a vehicle or driver has a service performed at another facility. The driver can directly create and upload that estimate and it will ping the fleet administrator for them to review the service and direct the driver in what to do in real-time.

Fleet administers can add any information to that service request that they believe is important and save it to the vehicles history.

Without a service center, the fleet administrator can now call and compare quotes with other facilities and save them to all to the same service request to pick which is the best option for that vehicle at that time.

Additional Administrative Functions

1.Export the all services request into a CSV file, allowing you to import them into any other platform

2.Generate basic expense reports for the vehicles based on selected date ranges

3.Create or re-create an estimate/invoices to compare the price of the parts with those available from other vendors through the Parts Integration with majority of Parts Vendors.

4.Add multiple employees to your account and allow them to help you administer your fleet, distributing the workload (Starts with 5 accounts).

5.Manage incoming fleet services for a fleet of 2 or 1,000+ vehicles.

6.Entire fleet overview

Additional custom requirements can be tailored to you and your exact needs exactly as you see them.