As a service facility owner, we are sure you have lots of questions and concerns.  Here is an overview that shows you why we are a step above anyone in the industry right now.

Power Your Business Through CAR

Capture An Appointment Without A Phone Call

Allow customers to make appointments right into your console from our mobile or app based system. This allows your phone lines to stay open for other things... like waiting for parts counter salespersons.

Relay Pictures & Videos to Your Customer Via CAR App

CAR allows your customer to be in the loop with all jobs. Photos and videos can be attached right to a ticket so the customer can see everything the technician is talking about.

Have Complete Control Over Every Service Request

Take total control over a job with Complete Auto Reports' workflow management system that offers you the ability to track the time it takes to complete each job.

But First, Is The Customer On Board?

Our platform sends your quote right to your customer's inbox or their CAR profile.  It doesn't get much easier. Customers being able to verify or deny a job on their vehicle builds trust while limiting liability.


Accessed from any updated mobile device.


Exactly where you need them.


Transparency builds trust, period.


Consistency leads stable expectations.


Desktops are optional, not standard.


Reduced cost & better operation.