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What Is CAR?

Complete Auto Reports (CAR) is

an intuitive system built to facilitate the process of repairing an automobile. Our process is designed around operating a facility real time, from the nearest internet connected device. For most of us, that’s our cell phone. We are building the platform to bring any shop into the consumer engagement era. Those of us who make the switch, are reaping the rewards of a more streamlined shop process that is completely mobile and consumer friendly. Come learn how to turn your transportation related business into a machine that works for you, not against you.

Capture An Appointment Without A Phone Call

Customers can request an appointment directly and be scheduled without having to pick up the phone during busy hour.

Assign & Track Tasks

CAR’s process follows the natural progression at a Service center. First the appointment is set, followed by the vehicle drop off and vehicle check in procedure. Then it is assigned to a technician to begin their work on the vehicle

Verify & Save Accurate Data

Accurate Data is critical in limiting liability and saving time. Documenting customer concerns and saving vehicle data into profiles while creating a service request, completed once advisors never need to go back to a vehicle again.

Customer Approval

Send your estimate directly to your customer and have them approve or decline any services they wish to have performed; building transparency and trust while limiting your liability.


Here’s what we do in a nutshell:

Enable any auto repair business to facilitate their process.  Our process flows your automotive service center through our auto repair software in a seamless and simple manner where your entire shop can be mobile for the price of a 10 inch tablet.  Bottom line, after some simple training with us, we’re so confident that our platform will assist in standardizing and streamlining your business, that you as a business owner will finally be able to take a vacation and if Stuff hits the fan we guarantee you can fix the issue before you finish your drink or we will buy that drink for you. 

Our process will result in sales increases.  Our software was tested in a service facility that saw an increase in their average ticket sales by 43% in 18 months, just by showing people what they actually needed.  We don’t say this lightly when we tell you that we will transform your business. 

We work just as hard for your customers as we do for you, with no added cost.  Because of that, you get to offer your customers the most advanced vehicle management platform available to the public today for free as a part of your updated business model.

Our process is designed to limit your liability to the bare minimum.  We enable you and your staff to provide extremely detailed reports to your consumers.  When your process is designed around efficiency and minimizing risk, the outcome is happier customers & employees resulting in higher revenue. 

We enable a level of transparency that breeds trust between you and your customer.  This will assist you in building a scalable business model that works to ensure you thrive amongest competition, not struggle to be seen through it.

Our mission is simple: We aim to make the industry more transparent. We accomplish this task by working to solve the largest flaw in the entire process, Documentation! We provide a service that ADDS VALUE AND REINTRODUCES TIME to your business!