CAR's process was driven by two main cruxes in the auto repair industry, portability and accessibility.  At the beginning of our endeavor, there were no platforms on the market that provided portability and/or accessibility.  Each and every application on the market is designed to give you what they think you need, instead of what you actually need.  Our "competition", has yet to actually improve on the process, instead they are making it more complicated. 

Our process is hyper focused on what we most need today and that is saving time. 

We started this by establishing the two instances where accuracy is of the utmost importance: customer information and vehicle information. Without having accurate customer information or accurate vehicle information valuable time is wasted. 

Why do you need accurate and current customer information?  Well, if you install a part or a tire that is later recalled for defects, how can you advise your customer?  With our process you have three different methods of contact: email, physical address and phone numbers.  Enabling you to contact the customer through each of those mediums. So we immediately enable you to avert a potential crisis and save time because CAR, takes every precaution possible to ensure you can contact the customer about their vehicle.


Having accurate and current vehicle information at your fingertips will prove to be the most crucial in time saving.  Without accurate vehicle information and a central location to access it... you are left guessing or worse yet, getting up and going to the vehicle every time you need information.  What about those times when you wrote the VIN number?  Better yet... what about the time you had the VIN and the dealer asks you for the production date?? With CAR Business, we have thoroughly gone over the process from beginning to end and have incorporated everything imaginable into our platform to save you minutes per car.  Each of those minutes turns into hours at the end of the week and days at the end of the month.

Our thought process has proven that we take immense care in building the most advanced auto repair software available today.  Each and every feature available in our platform is designed to save you time, which inevitably will result in money saved and increased revenue.  You will notice how seriously we take time management as you navigate the efficient process built into CAR.