Do you want to directly market to your customers via email without having to hire outside companies or vendors?  We enable that for you!  We are the only system that directly ties you to a free email marketing service allowing you to market to your customers through our platform. 

The CAR Business App for your automotive service facility is integrated with MailChimp, which provides marketing automation for businesses. Send engaging emails, connect your shop, advertise, and build your brand. You can include your API key and your Customer List ID, received from Check out performance statistics and personalized tips from MailChimp.

Below we have outlined some of the basic features that MailChimp has to offer along with direct links to their corresponding knowledge base articles.

With access to a service like MailChimp, we allow you to market to your customers directly!

Build Your List

Your subscribers are managed in lists. Check out our list requirements and then learn how to grow a list of subscribers.