Simple Yet Effective

Software so simple, we can go from demo to complete setup in 60 minutes.  With our library of help videos at your fingertips, you can quickly look up simple tasks and view how to accomplish most of them in less than 2 minutes!

We have designed the most portable auto repair software available today.  You can access our platform from any iOS or Android device that can give you an internet browser.  While we feel that CAR performs best on Google Chrome, it works just as well in any other browser we've tested it on.  In conjunction with that kind of portability, our point-and-click interface is designed to be used with any touch screen device available on the market.  We're so confident with it's ease that if you're not happy within 30 days, we'll refund your money back.

Our Advantages
  • Quick flowing process that is designed to lower liability if used to its potential

  • Check-in with precision ON THE GO!

  • Paperless workflow organization

  • Custom email marketing available to your customer database

  • Standardize your process to resemble efficient and thorough service

  • Simplify the workspace

  • Bargain in comparison to ANY OTHER auto repair software

  • Customer features enable better relationships built on trust

  • View Service History and Create Service Repairs