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Why CAR For Your Business?

CAR (Complete Auto Reports)

for your automotive repair facility enhances your process and profit!

CAR isn’t bloated software that takes long hours of training for you and your employees.  Our auto repair software was designed from the ground up with one concept in mind, simplicity. CAR’s objective is to engage automotive repair facilities and their customers, in a process that builds trust and keeps track of all services performed to the vehicles.  We work towards this objective by eliminating inefficiencies in the process generally left from messy paperwork.

Using CAR is easy.  This very simple auto repair software, will guarantee more revenue to your automotive repair facility with these three steps:

  • Be open minded to our Process

  • Choose parts of the Process to add to your existing process

  • Follow through and document everything into your ticket

Our core process enables you to take detailed information about each customer and their vehicle needs during check-in.  The flow of the application is designed to handle most of the problems you would ever encounter creating a work estimate. With access nearly anywhere with internet, you can take control of your shop from afar if needed. By documenting what was checked, needed and completed, you get paid for your time because your customers know what you did and is happy to pay.

  • Increase Per Ticket Count, within your first year!
  • Increase Revenue, within your first year!
  • Reduce Inefficiencies 
  • Improve Shop Reputation
  • Exclusive AppAccess For You & Your Customers.
  • Allow Your Customer ToTrack Service Progress which will reduce calls with “is my vehicle done yet.”
  • Have customers Approve or Reject services with time and electric signatures stamps