CAR Business Videos For The Shop Owner

Shop Owner - Administer Your Shop With CAR

CAR for Business 2 Consumer: Relationship & Trust Building 101
Introducing The CAR Shop Dashboard
Shop Dashboard: Feedback/ Complaints & Inquires Explained
Add Custom Labor Rates & Customer Types
Add Disclaimers To Your CAR Profile
Understanding Your Shop's Profile Page
Navigate CAR's Left Menu
How to Rearrange the Left Menu Tabs
Adding Resources/ Vendors Links to your CAR Business Account
The CAR Reports & Statistics Section
Find out the Money You’re Owed with Overdue Reports
Employee Logins (Future Update) (Upcoming)
Embedded Video- Employee Logins
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Add Generic Jobs To Your CAR Account
Adding a Generic Job Through The Left Menu
Set up PartsTech Integration with your CAR Account
How to Import Contacts through a .CSV File in Complete Auto Reports

Shop Owner - Shop Flow With CAR

Adding a Customer To CAR
Adding Customers Through The CAR Dashboard
Adding Customers Through The Left Menu
How to Add Contacts to Existing Customers
CAR's VIN Scanner Feature
Add a Vehicle To CAR Through The Dashboard
Adding a Vehicle To CAR Through The Left Menu
Searching for Your Customers- Easy Check-In
Search Customers Through The Dashboard
Search Customers Through The Left Menu
Vehicle Repair History in CAR
Checking Vehicle Repair History In CAR
Lookup Vehicle Repair History Through The Left Menu

Shop Owner - Invoice Flow With CAR

Create A CAR Service Request
Fill Out A CAR Service Request Form
CAR From Your Autel Scanner For Pre & Post Scans
Adding A Job To A CAR Service Request
Fill Out A Digital Vehicle Inspection Report
Prepare Estimate in A CAR Service Request (Parts, Generic Jobs, Labor Hours, Computer Codes, etc.)
Add Generic Jobs In A Service Request
PartsTech Integration With CAR
Simple Parts Management
Diagnostic Code Storage
The Purpose of Adding Notes and Recommendations To A CAR Service Request
Accepting and Rejecting Jobs Through A CAR Service Request
Generate An Invoice In CAR
How to Set up Stock Ordering with PartsTech in CAR

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