CAR Thanks GYS For This!

​​At this years AASP NJ event, we asked GYS to help us make something to commemorate our first show. We had an idea on what we wanted, and asked the team at the GYS booth

We would like to thank the fine folks over @ GYS Welding USA for their awesome contribution to the CAR office!
​At this years AASP NJ event, we asked GYS to help us make something to commemorate our first show.  We had an idea on what we wanted, and asked the team at the GYS booth if they would help us make it a reality.  Much to our surprise, they were not only fully on board, they were happy to help us do something unique!
So we cut some standard threaded rods into sections to make the CAR Logo and had GYS help weld it together and fill in the sections.  Needless to say, they did an amazing job and this came out better than we could have ever expected.  So excited to run into the GYS crew at the next trade show and see if we can do something again!CAR Logo getting ready to be welded together by the folks at GYS for us @ AASP NJ 2018!

​ Learn more about GYS here or get access to their social profiles here: GYS Facebook, GYS Twitter, GYS YouTube .CAR Logo welded together by the folks at GYS for us @ AASP NJ 2018!

BIG “Thank you” to Chris S, Mike H, Johnny P, Craig B and the rest of the crew from GYS!

CAR for Business 2 Consumer: Relationship & Trust Building 101

​​​Once you experience our approach, you’ll realize why we claim we are the future of vehicle management. Our auto repair software does by default what every other competitor

fails to do… we build relationships and trust!. ​Our entire process makes your shop transparent to the outside world that wants to do business with you.  We accomplish this through a proprietary process built into our software that enables any of your employees to quick use our auto repair software effectively and profitably for your service facility.
 Watch this short video about how to start the process for any customer that comes into your service facility.


Mobile Is The Future, Don’t Listen To Us, Just Ask Google

CAR With Autel Scan Tool

​In a world where consumer expectations are exceptionally high, assistance is going to become the table stakes for you and your dealership.

That phrase was recently spoken by Peter Leto at the NADA Show in Las Vegas this past March. That speech was part of an overall presentation to dealers about how their customers expectations are changing with the landscape that is mobile. Along with that change, comes the adaptation to what their customers want. Mr. Leto’s entire speech was about how Google statistics clearly indicate how we as a society are changing habits because of mobile devices. He’s driving home the thought that we need to adapt because our consumers are changing and if we don’t adapt, we risk extinction.At CAR, we saw this writing on the wall 7 years ago when we first started to conceptualize how we were going create game changing auto repair software. The entire premise of our model was to give auto repair businesses the ability to interact with their customers through their auto repair software, preferably on a mobile platform. Our vision didn’t stop at providing auto repair shop owners, manager and technicians mobile access… that’s where it started. Our vision was to give the end consumer the ability to track all of their repairs regardless of the repair facility they chose, from dealer to the mom and pop shop around the corner.
As we built ‘The Future Of Vehicle Management’, we received real world feedback from customers at a small auto repair facility in Linden NJ. Those customers were not only curious about the change in their experience… they adapted their experience almost immediately as if it were second nature. For two years CAR was used without a mobile app and we witnessed customers engage in the process around repairing their vehicle. Our resolve has never been stronger and watching Mr. Leto teach dealers about the future that is mobile… just shows us the fun is only getting started and we are well poised within the journey.
Learn about the difference CAR brings to the table. Bring ‘The Future Of Vehicle Management’ to your auto repair facility before the dealers do and take control of the change the auto industry is about to undergo.Our product works on anything with a web browser, while we recommend Chrome, we still regularly test our application on everything from Microsoft Edge to Firefox.  We are the most mobile platform that was designed that way from the start, we’re not bootstrapping technology to bring you a mediocre experience.  We see the future and we want to be the ones bringing it to you in this industry.
Come experience the ONLY platform to give your customers access through an exclusive app (iOS , Android) designed to flow through the process of fixing a vehicle. Keep your customers aware of the condition their vehicle is in and allow them the ability to make their own informed and educated decisions. Our test facility experienced ticket sales increase 40%, if you met the owner you’d see he’s too honest to be a salesman. Yet through CAR, all he does is sell.

Resources For The Auto Repair Shop & Technician Print Screen

We’re going to list out some practical things that every shop should do every day when dealing with vehicles that are more “iDrive” than “Drive”.This is often the most

This is often the most overlooked aspect of repair and can be the one that makes you look best to your customer.  Check if their vehicle has any open safety related recalls, it’s fast, free, and can make you look like a hero.  Some customers might even want you to take care of it by making the appointment with them at the dealer and they will pay you for your time… sound crazy?  It’s not.  In today’s world, time is the most crucial element, and to save it people will pay to resolve their problems for them.

Vehicle Safety Recall Lookup: ,
Car Seat Recalls:
Tire Recalls:
Auto Equipment Recalls: screen you would see if no safety recalls are present.

This one is tricky, because it’s never free. TSB’s are Technical Service Bulletins that are published from the manufacturer about specific problems a vehicle may be having.  This is commonly done on problems that are found the most often in a vehicle class, or for stubborn problems, there’s no exact science that manufacturers share for qualifying a TSB to be written.
A LOT of good information can be found in TSB’s, but getting access to them isn’t free.  You either have to subscribe to the manufacturer’s Technical Information Service or you have to subscribe to a third party service that is allowed to divulge such information.  The most accurate data ALWAYS comes direct from the manufacturer, but many auto repair facilities will use a third party service to have access to many manufacturers at once.
OEM Technical Service Websites – These links are all accurate as of 02/2018

Acura –
Audi –
Bentley –
Chrysler/Dodge/Eagle/Jeep/Plymouth –
Ford/Lincoln/Mercury –
General Motors: Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Geo/GMC/Hummer/Oldsmobile/Pontiac/Saturn –
Honda –
Hyundai –
Infiniti –
Isuzu –
Jaguar –
Kia –
Land Rover –
Lexus –
Maserati –
Mazda –
Mercedes Benz –
Mini –
Mitsubishi –
Nissan –
Porsche –
Rolls Royce –
Scion –
Subaru –
Toyota –
Volkswagen –
Volvo –

Other invaluable resources, neither of which are free for an auto repair facility:

Identifix –
iATN –