CAR Update: May 2021


May 2021 System Updates & News Nexpart Integration With Labor Pull: Within your account profile, you will not have the ability to add vendors that utilize the Nexpart ordering system. To get started, Click “My Account” and then scroll down to Nexpart. + The new page will now allow you to view existing Nexpart vendors already added or allow you to add new ones: + Easy Check – Add New Customer: In an on going effort to improve our process, we have added “Add New Customer” to the “Easy Check In” flow. This will allow you to add anyone not on the platform, and then proceed to add their vehicle and start a service request or make a future appointment. + Enhanced Mobile Display We’ve been working really hard on our mobile display as well. There are no pages that should require you to pan right anymore. Everything should be contained within the window you are in on your mobile device. + + Reduced Repetitive Steps: We have added functionality that auto fills the state, timezone and customer type for each customer as well as the vehicle license plate state.  Saving you a few seconds each time from having to select them. Consolidated Closing of Service Requests: + A work in progress to help speed up some of the quicker/shorter service requests.  There are other additions to this coming this month as well.

CAR’s Resource Management System

CAR Resources

One of the most important ,yet one of the most underrated, parts of the auto repair industry today is research. As the modern day work environment continues to become more and

Research is one of the most time consuming elements of auto repair these days, who wants to spend more time looking for places to research than actually researching?One of the most important ,yet one of the most underrated, parts of the auto repair industry today is research. As the modern day work environment continues to become more and more digital a key to maintaining a successful business is by optimizing your online workspace, keeping everything you need a click away. With your subscription you can accumulate a list of all your resources you use for research (ie: Indentifix, iATN, All Data, Mitchell, Motor) right from Complete Auto Reports. Having all of your resources in one place saves you minutes throughout the day each day which opens you up to doing even more jobs throughout the year with all of the time you are saving.Obviously you are not the only person at your business doing research, your employees also have different tasks that require their independent research as well. Your list of resources can also be shared to all of your employee’s CAR accounts as well to further speed up the research process and take some more responsibilities off of your plate. You can choose which employees have access to this list depending on their role in your business, and on top of that you can select your five most frequently used resources so that they always appear on your left hand side menu. Owning your own business comes with a lot of responsibility so let Complete Auto Reports help you delegate some of that responsibility with resource management.To start, CAR comes with an extensive list of resources built in.  We have already plugged in all the major vehicle manufacturers to the resource list.  In addition we have also put in some of the more popular parts catalogs that are readily found online.  This enables you and your team to look at the starter list and refine it to a list that you find appropriate to boost productivity at your facility.