CAR's 7 Step Process

The 7 Basic Steps Of The Auto Repair Process

The process, is often hijacked by two elements. The first element is service center employee(s) and their attitude(s) and the second element is the software your business uses.

Whether or not we realize it, each shop has a similar workflow process. Like many areas of life, we think that we are all unique in our business strategy. However, reality is we are all very similar, our differences lie in management styles. Our attitude and approach, from employees and customers, defines how we achieve success. 

The 7 Basic Steps Through The Process Are:

Check In
When receiving a vehicle from a customer, it usually arrives one of three ways. The customer stops in unannounced, the vehicle has broken down and is towed in, or the customer has made an appointment. Once the vehicle has been checked in, regardless of the circumstance, it is then assigned to a technician.
Estimate Building
Customer Authorization
Work In Progress
Follow Up

The process, is often hijacked by two elements. The first element is service center employee(s) and their attitude(s) and the second element is the software your business uses.

Your employees are your team, and that’s exactly the best way to approach your business. When you look at employees as team members and not as just “the new guy/girl” or “Jack the mechanic who never combs his hair”... everyone’s attitude begins to change.

Being a part of a team is a mindset that everyone ‘shares in the responsibility’, everyone is accountable for their role and if one person fails… everyone has failed. This mindset is used to build all types of companies, some of which end up being valued into the billions of dollars. Teams help each other pick up the slack and work with one another to get through personal and professional barriers.  

The most important thing to remember about the team, is that everyone can have a bad day, week, month or even months. We are all human and too often we forget everyone is going through something. The team element opens the door to communication among the facility and if people are comfortable enough to communicate, they are open to moving past whatever ails them. We are all too quick to give up on someone we have invested an immense amount of time and energy training to our standards.  With the right team, dedication is matched on all ends, resulting in happy customers that not only return... they refer.  Which lowers acquisition costs and keeps business growth healthy.

You can read more about team building here and we also encourage you to search for ideas on team building and how to achieve the optimal team at your auto repair facility. 

As for the second element… it’s no secret that we’re trying to encourage you to open your mind to more capable systems presently available, including our own auto repair software, CAR. You shouldn’t let our bias towards CAR, the most awesome auto repair software ;) , deter you from seeking a better option for your service facility.


There are many services available that can help you achieve a stable and lucrative auto repair business, each of them with their own process that may or may not help you.  Ultimately, you need to evaluate your process and see where your bottlenecks are and if there is software that helps you ease through them.  The process of the auto repair software you ultimately choose, is what makes the process between owner, employees, and customers completely seamless. 

CAR was founded with a flow that replicates the 7 steps of the repair process outlined above. Learn the difference about what it’s like to have auto repair software that works for you and not against you. 

Follow through with this article by reading about our other experiences in the auto industry, where we pass on lessons about running a business in 2018. This is focused on the auto repair industry, but there is plenty here that can be applied forward to help other businesses get off the ground and noticed locally.  Even though the businesses may differ significantly, the challenges of getting noticed and operating efficiently are similar.

Using CAR's auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.

Our auto repair software is so easy to use, we explain CAR through tutorial videos that are almost all 2 minutes or less each. 

Contact us for a demo and find out why we are the "Process that leads to Profits!"

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