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Consistent, Fast, Mobile

  • Take appointments
  • Assign services to your team members
  • Communicate with your clients
  • Order parts with Partstech and Nexpart
  • View advanced analytics about shop performance
  • Labor & SMS integration on 2024 Roadmap
…in real time from your phone, starting @ $99 a month.

There is no better value in the market. The only platform not afraid to let you login from your phone.

Complete Auto Reports (CAR) offers automotive service centers, automotive dealerships, company fleets and automobile owners the most advanced vehicle management platform available.


Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports

Included standard with every single account. No extra fees or subscriptions.

Digitized Estimates, Authorizations & Invoices

Are you ready to eliminate the paper mistakes of the 20th century? Go paperless with CAR's service workflow and never go back.

Customer Communication

Built directly into our platform, not an afterthought that costs you extra monthly. Standard with the basic subscription.


"Easy to use and customers love the new experience...

I love the fact I can add photos to quotes. Once customers see what’s going on with their vehicles, service sells itself.

– Carlos Nobe, Owner, Carlos Auto Repair

The Story of CAR

by Amazon Web Services

CAR brings real-time data solutions to challenges Automotive Facilities Face in the increasingly digital world of today

Workflow Status

In one glimpse, everyone know what’s going on in the day, week and month. Easily identifying what work what needs to be done for every service request

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Digital Inspections

Digital vehicle inspections are becoming the norm. Being able to pull that report from a year from now is a priceless ability within CAR

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Photos, Videos, Docs

The only system to allow your entire staff to document everything easily so if you ever need to recount that information it is done within 10 seconds.

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Copy Jobs

Create a service once and you have the ability to copy it to another service whenever you need it.

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Customer Authorization

Ensure each service is completed with complete transparency and authorization, every time.

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Customer Feedback

Connect with your customer and hear their feedback rating automatically after a service has been completed.

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Overdue Payments

Identify any customer with outstanding balances and set automatic digital payment reminders to get the money you have earned.

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Sales Reporting

Analyze your profit vs costs, most sold parts, most profitable parts and export directly to Excel. Extended reporting coming soon.

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CRM Integration

Email/message your customers direct from our software or Add-on Mailchimp for email campaigns

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Employee Management

Accountability and responsibility through our profiles, work timers, documents and permissions.

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CAR Business Advantage

Learn About The CAR
Business Advantage


User friendly, visually appealing, structured process… built from scratch.  Tired of clicking through 100 sections to make a change? Tired of training employees for months on how to navigate software that’s older than your shop?  So were we.  So we built CAR from our experiences to tackle our frustrations.




Simple Yet Effective: Our Advantages

Say Goodbye To This

Direct Email Marketing

Integrate with Mailchimp to send engaging emails, connect your shop, advertise, and build your brand. You can include your API key and Customer List ID.

Easy Check-In

Owner’s can easily search their shop’s database for a specific customer or vehicle by inputting a variety of basic search parameters.

Say Hello To This

CAR Profiles
CAR works by creating a profile for your customers and allowing you to store pertinent vehicle information in that profile to review and edit at later dates.

Time Management
Each and every feature available in our platform is designed to save your time, which inevitably will result in money saved and increased revenue.