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We started out wanting to enhance the relationship with our customers, within that journey we believe we have developed the most breakthrough automotive repair facility management system.

CAR Business

For the business... you get to offer all of our features outlined below to your customers! 

Guess what, that's just the beginning. 

We offer you the most intuitive interface available on the market today.  From our dashboard you can open a service request for an existing customer in less than 20 seconds. This service request now links you to your customer.  With our exclusive consumer app, your updates to this service request will give the customer crucial insight to what happens to their vehicle while in your hands. 

Our process allows you to wow your customer with features like: custom vehicle inspection reports, videos, images, computer code entry. Our flexible invoice interface allows you to track the stages of a vehicle and the hours your employees are logging while working.  

Our software was conceptualized and grown to fill the needs of an actual automotive service facility.  We have refined a process that builds trust between you and your consumer.  That trust leads to more referrals which in turn drives profit.  We'd love to show you how this will boost your bottom line and productivity at your automotive service facility.

There is nothing else that can be said without showing you what our platform does and how an entire industry benefits, businesses and consumers, not just businesses within it.

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CAR Consumer

As a consumer, we offer you a one of a kind portal that allows you to add a vehicle (or a snowblower!) to your CAR profile. Within that profile, we aim to provide every facet of data that you could possibly want to manage.

VIN Numbers, Production Dates, Vehicle Labels, Photos and Videos.... just to name the ones that are cool. You can store your insurance information, warranty company information, preferred automotive service facility, and roadside assistance information.

The coolest thing of all that we do...

We allow you to upload receipts from purchases or repairs related to your vehicle (or lawnmower!). We make it fool proof to save all of your data regardless if you buy your own parts, get your car fixed at any automotive repair facility around the world, or work on your own car when you buy your own parts! Yes, we have a DIY Section for the enthusiast or the tinkerer.

In short, we make it EASY to manage your vehicle in this new age of data.

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