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The future of vehicle management.

Complete Auto Reports (CAR) Cloud Based Software provides your company with a simple and seamless platform to take your entire shop digitally. We offer Automotive Service Centers, Automotive Dealerships, Company Fleets, and automobile owners the most advance vehicle management platform available. Our real time repair authorization tool is what todays businesses need to keep up with customer approvals, expectations, and demands.


Creating More Time –  Starting @$69.99

Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports

Included standard with every single account. No extra fees or subscriptions.

Digitized Estimates, Authorizations & Invoices

Are you ready to eliminate the paper mistakes of the 20th century? Go paperless with CAR's service workflow and never go back.

Customer Communication

Built directly into our platform, not an afterthought that costs you extra monthly. Standard with the basic subscription.


The Story of CAR

by Amazon Web Services

The Future of Vehicle Management

CAR was built to provide and compliment any repair and maintenance facility in the Automotive field with a proven process from start to finish. We provide a carefully calculated process for the customer and shop experience that will have your customer trusting automotive repair shops again.


Ensure each service is completed with complete transparency and authorization, every time.


Accountability and responsibility through our profiles, work timers, documents and permissions.

CAR brings real-time data solutions to challenges Automotive Facilities Face in the increasingly digital world of today

Workflow Status

In one glimpse, everyone know what’s going on in the day, week and month. Easily identifying what work what needs to be done for every service request

Digital Inspections

Digital vehicle inspections are becoming the norm. Being able to pull that report from a year from now is a priceless ability within CAR

Photos, Videos, Docs

The only system to allow your entire staff to document everything easily so if you ever need to recount that information it is done within 10 seconds.

Copy Jobs

Create a service once and you have the ability to copy it to another service whenever you need it.


Customer Feedback

Connect with your customer and hear their feedback rating automatically after a service has been completed.

Overdue Payments

Identify any customer with outstanding balances and set automatic digital payment reminders to get the money you have earned.

Sales Reporting

Analyze your profit vs costs, most sold parts, most profitable parts and export directly to Excel. Extended reporting coming soon.

CRM Integration

Email/message your customers direct from our software or Add-on Mailchimp for email campaigns


More coming soon…


More coming soon…