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Pricing and Subscriptions

Value Plan

Nexpart W/Motor Labor
Job Board
  • App For Customers
  • Appt Scheduling
  • Click 2 Dial/Email
  • Live Messenger
  • Generic Jobs
  • Custom Rates
  • Individual Disclamers
  • OBD II Codes
  • Statistics/Reports
  • Chat Support
  • Unl. Photos/Videos
  • Inventory
  • PartsTech
  • Nexpart

Standard Plan

Employee Access Control
Advanced Reporting
Quick Quote
Partstech Tires (2024)
  • Features of the value plan
  • 5 Employees/user accounts
  • Setup Support
  • Employee Control
  • Extra Vehicle Fields
  • Internal Notes


Custom Branded Solutions
  • Take Control Of Your Data With CAR
  • If Your Business Needs It, We Can Provide It
  • AWS Stored In Our Cloud Or Yours