March 2020 Newsletter

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Coronavirus Putting The Auto Industry at Risk
Over the past two months the coronavirus has gone from a slight concern to a global epidemic that has seen thousands get affected across numerous countries. As China dashes to contain the rapidly spreading virus, building one hospital in 10 days, it not only affects the people of China but is also having a major impact on the auto industry as well. Some of the biggest car brands in the world have made a major investment into their supply chain in the industrial nation. Meanwhile parts of China have been placed on lockdown, some areas since January, companies and investors alike are becoming unsettled.
As the virus continues to spread and the mass panic builds the auto industry is also beginning to sweat as assembly plants and dealers alike are being greeted with a long list of issues with very few solutions currently. Click the button below to learn which area’s of the industry are being dealt the most damage.
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Apple Doesn’t Allow Bad Guys to Use iPhones in MoviesWhen you are watching a movie do you ever pay attention to the phones that the characters are using. If you do, have you ever wondered why the bad guy never has an iPhone?
There is a very simple answer to this question; Apple forbids it! In an interview with Vanity Fair, Knives Out director Rian Johnson let the cat out of the bag.  “Apple… they let you use iPhones in movies but — and this is very pivotal if you’re ever watching a mystery movie — bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera” stated the director,a very odd tidbit of information but some next level thinking by Apple. If bad guys in movies never use an iPhone then it limits the possible bad light their phones get. A small detail in the film industry that highlights Apple’s next level thinking and competitive nature to be the best. TRIVIA
What was the first production car in the world with laser headlights?
Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Robotics Getting a Bigger Role in the Assembly Plant
A polarizing conversation, across all industries, is automatizing the assembly line. For the auto industry specifically, some say the introduction of robots could help streamline the assembly process and eliminates the possibility of human error others believe that this practice is solely killing jobs and harming the ability to get a job in this field. In Canada however, they are finding that thanks to advancements in technology they are able to do far more with these robots now than they could have ever done before. 
 No longer are they just made for big clunky sections of the assembly line, and can actually be used in much more precise areas thanks to their co-bots, or robots that can help assist humans during the process. These new, smaller, more advanced robots can operate 10x faster and handle twice the payload. This, along with technology advancements in general allowing for artificial intelligence to better understand human command, it seems evident that there will be a larger presence of robots in assembly plants along with new jobs created to work around these machines eating up the tedious tasks.Trivia Answer
BMW I8- The high end BMW model gives their customers the option to get laser headlights in their vehicle which effectively doubles the illumination range when compared to modern LED high beams.

February 2020 Newsletter

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Hummer’s Electric Return
In one of the biggest turn around’s in auto industry history, in the next year we will see GMC’s brand new fully-electric Hummer Truck on the roads. Announced during a Super Bowl 54 commercial, the famous American brand will make a comeback after a 10 year period. From being one of the biggest gas guzzlers (10 mpg) to fully electric, the new Hummer touts 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque and can go from 0-60 in 3 seconds which passes Tesla’s Cybertruck which does it in only 6.5 seconds. While we do not get a full visual of the re-imagined truck until late May, car and tech fanatics alike will be eager to get a glimpse into the future of the auto market.Tesla’s Big Gamble   Tesla has completed it’s modern marvel; their $2 Billion Gigafactory in China is ready to begin rolling out cars over seas. This move was done to get around China’s massive tax on U.S auto brands and also hop on this opportunity as no one has been able to put out an entire electric line of vehicles like Tesla has yet. While this move seems to be the slam dunk the car brand has been desperately searching for to get up onto the global stage, it may not be as simple as it appears. With China’s car sales on a continuous downward slide over the past year and a half Tesla still has an uphill battle on their hands as they try and build momentum in the Asian and European markets. All of this while also trying to stay ahead of their luxury brand competitors who are also beginning to crash into their currently niche electric market.
Click on the button below to read the full article on our website! 
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Starbucks Offers Employees Mediation App to Help Improve Mental Health
Starbucks has been a company known for trying to present it’s employees with a variety of tools to help them with their lives outside of work. Last month, the coffee brand announced that it would be giving it’s employees a free subscription to the app Headspace, which offers it’s users a step by step meditation process to help reduce stress and anxiety during their everyday life and is very easy to use,  in an effort to put a focus on mental health. Obviously, if you have been to a coffee shop in the morning you know they are chaotic and puts a lot of stress on the workers there. According to a spokesperson from Starbucks over 30,000 employees had signed up within days of this announcement. This is just one of many subscriptions Starbucks offers it employees, free of charge, that range from assisting with financial planning to boosting productivity. While not a traditional offering like health insurance or a 401k; giving employees subscriptions to various beneficial programs is a growing trend in the business world today.  TRIVIA
What famous auto maker is responsible for designing the Volkswagen Beetle?
Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Reducing Emissions and Jobs in the European Union
One of  the biggest stories in the auto industry within the past few years is the push for electric vehicles to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere. In Europe, one of the biggest culprits of air pollution is the transportation sector, accounting for 27% of the total of the European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this fact, Europe as a collect has been cracking down on it’s emissions and one of the ways it aims to lower this number is by both investing heavily into the electric vehicle sector and setting regulations to force already existing brands to create cleaner cars.  While obviously this is a victory for the environment and promises for better air quality, this move will greatly disturbed the auto industry.
   This past year, European passenger car sales dropped after six consecutive years of growth and will only get trickier as electric vehicles are much more expensive to build than combustion engine vehicles. Brands are being forced to relocate to cheaper manufacturing locations to consolidate for the expenses that these new vehicles cost to make and in turn is causing many facilities to close and costing people their jobs. It has been covered heavily that Germany’s biggest brands in the auto industry are going to have to eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs to afford this pivot in direction. American electric car brand Tesla are now in a pole-position to dominate EV sales thanks to their new gigafactory in China, with another about to break ground this year in Germany as well. As pressure mounts across the entire industry, it will be a top story to follow throughout 2020 and even beyond.    Trivia Answer
Ferdinand Porsche – While known as the man behind the luxury brand, the Porsche car company, Porsche was tasked in 1934 to design a “people’s car” which turned out being the first ever Volkswagen Beetle.

December 2019 Newsletter

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CAR, A Year In Review
Going into the home stretch of 2019 we look back on a year that has seen Complete Auto Reports make large strides.  We spent our year listening to our customers by adding exciting features and also refining our process as well. 
We also have some exciting news to report with regards to our founder’s facility and its adaptation to CAR.  When the journey first started we were averaging $360 per transaction in 2013, the last three months we have averaged $785 per transaction. 
There have been plenty of things to look back and be proud of but also gives us excitement moving forward into 2020. Click the button below to see what else we have accomplished in 2019! 
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Uber Takes Big Blow Losing It’s License to Operate in London Uber, the company that has been taking punches from every direction as of late, has been dealt a big blow from across the pond. The British Capital has decided to strip Uber of it’s ability to operate in the city due to a growing amount fake drivers that are causing the citizens and lawmakers of London a ton of problems. This problem is not one sided either, the stripping of the companies license to operate will cost 3.5 million users the ability to conveniently acquire transportation and Uber one of it’s biggest global markets, but also the city the piece of mind of offering it’s citizens an alternative means of transportation versus getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after a night of drinking. Obviously, there are countless things that have to be weighed when making a decision as big as this so it will be interesting to see how public transportation in London will adjust to this infrastructure challenging decision.   TRIVIA
What kind of car did Starsky and Hutch drive in the classic television series?
Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Tesla’s Cybertruck Still Poses Solid Numbers After Flopped Reveal
One of the hot trends in the auto industry is the prospect of creating cars that can drive themselves. While many people wait, drooling at the prospect of this kind of leap forward in both the auto and tech fields, some people warn us that this milestone isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 84% of security professionals and auto engineers are actually concerned that automakers aren’t keeping up with the rapidly evolving security threats which can leave people’s high tech vehicles’ WiFi and cellular connections vulnerable to hackers. 
This crisis has made many in the industry cry for a call in action to bring in more people into these automotive giants, who are trying to build these “smart cars” the fastest. They are trying bring in more people with technological backgrounds to keep them on pace with the rest of the cyber world. Though these cars are being made to make your commute easier, and help you manage your life on the go; doing these things without proper preparation and procedures can lead to millions of vehicles getting hacked, costing the auto industry millions upon millions to repave their missteps.Trivia Answer
 1975 Ford Gran Torino- The iconic ride that the detective duo ripped through the streets of Bay City in was the Gran Torino. This famous Ford model was also featured in the films Gran Torino and the original Fast and Furious.

November 2019 Newsletter

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CAR, An Amazon Web Services Featured Startup
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an amazing ecosystem that helps all types of startups, get access to the resources they need.  Michael Copeland of AWS took note of CAR’s approach to a tired consumer process and wanted to learn more about how we came to be.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss our story and why we believe our mission is so important. 
We couldn’t be happier with the result and are so thankful for their support.
Click the link below to hear read the write up on AWS’ website!  
Find Out MoreYour Car. Your Data. Your Choice.
Every car on the road today holds a treasure trove of information, everything imaginable from your weight to how many people you travel with and where you’re traveling. Your vehicle is actively storing and transmitting the your location, driving behavior, and it uses some of this data to determine vehicle health.  Some of this data is important when repairing your vehicle in order to get a clearer and quicker diagnoses of the issues you are experiencing.
The issue however, is that vehicle manufacturers are the one’s who can control who has access to your data. It’s no surprise they want it all to themselves.  This is leading to you potentially having your information sold to third parties without you knowing but also limiting the amount of places that can properly asses your vehicle; which can lead to a much more expensive trip to the dealership opposed to your own local preferred repair shop. 
Click on the link below to learn about what you are losing in regards to your own personal data and what you can do to prevent it from getting in the hands of a third-party buyer.The Water Cooler
Tesla: From Electric Cars to Electric Roofs?Tesla always seems to be in the headlines, and rightfully so, being one of the biggest and most innovative businesses in the United States today. Usually the topic is in regards to their ambitious strides they are taking with their vehicles but, what is getting people’s attention today is the companies move back into Solar Roofing. The company has tried this venture on two other occasions but this is the first time where the brand feels comfortable and confident to take it to widespread commercial scaling. 
CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, claims that the company will should be able to get 1,000 roofs per week for the first few months. The market for solar panel roofing is something that excites the company as they believe that they can reach “100 million homes worldwide.” This type of lofty goal is not something that is surprising coming from this company but, we will have to wait and see if this new technology will come into fruition. TRIVIA
What do the letters BMW stand for?
Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Need for Pedestrian Detection Increases as Pedestrian Deaths Hit Record High in Past Year
There is a lot of new and extraordinary things being put into our vehicles today; whether it’s high tech center consoles, automatic parallel parking and even some brands being as ambitious as to have your vehicle drive itself to you to pick you up. All of these things are exciting and something to look forward too but while we  are looking so far ahead we are still failing at one of the most important issues on our roads today which is pedestrian detection.
 In 2018, we saw a 25 year high in pedestrian deaths on American roads with the total hitting a staggering 6,283 killed. The video to the right shows some of the biggest car brands on our roads today and their success, and struggles, with pedestrian detection technology. Keep in mind this technology is not yet widely available in standard vehicles today. Hopefully this issue reaches the top of every brands priorities again opposed to worrying about self driving car’s or whether or not you can watch a movie on your center console while you’re parked. Trivia Answer
 Bavarian Motor Works- Starting as a company that built aircraft engines in 1916, BMW has blossomed into one of the most iconic luxury brands globally today. 

October 2019 Newsletter

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Electric Vehicle Revolution: How This Affects Your Shop
Now, we have talked about how electric vehicles are affecting the big companies and the government let’s tie it all together with how this all boils down to affect your shop. New vehicles require new tools and more training, this is not a secret. What you may not be aware of however is the magnitude of the changes these electric vehicles pose for you and your shop. As I mentioned previously both the corporations and countries around the globe all plan on going electric and it will be up to you to make sure you are prepared.
As we have discussed the past few articles it is crucial, as a business owner, to do your due diligence and stay on top of the major changes in the automotive industry. In order to continue to grow your business you must make sure that you are staying up to date on these new changes and new wrinkles that these electric vehicles bring to your shop’s garage door. Read more to learn about all of the things these new vehicles require you and your employees to adapt to. 
Find Out MoreMeet CAR Reps @ SEMA/AAPEX 2019!
The CAR Team Members will be at SEMA and AAPEX Shows in Las Vegas November 5-7. If you are going to be there would like to talk about how to build trust with your customers, feel free to reply to this email or contact us so we can schedule you for a meeting!The Water Cooler
Man Transforms His E30 Into an Environmentally Green Burnout MachineIf there is two things that we love here at Complete Auto Reports it’s vehicles and innovation. This 1992 BMW 325i Cabrio owner, Jon Volk swapped out the vehicles original power train for a modern Tesla one; transforming it into an awesome new toy with all of the same standard touches that made the E30 so fun. If you’re someone who is into custom cars this video’s definitely a must watch!TRIVIA
Where does the name of the industry giant “Cadillac” come from?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Tesla’s “Smart Summon” Feature Off to a Shaky Start.
Something that is not entirely shocking to read is that Tesla’s new feature has come with a few hiccups. The car brand’s “Smart Summon” feature is supposed to function where you press a button on your phone and the car will drive itself to your location. 
 The issue that people are facing is that the car will eventually get to you however, it isn’t guaranteed to get to you unscathed. People have been flooding social media with pictures and videos of the failed attempts of their summoned cars getting from Point A to Point B. Between smashing into surrounding obstacles to colliding with other vehicles it is clear that this is a work in progress. 
Even though the driver is not in the vehicle it is stated in a warning right in the “Smart Summon” software notes that you are still responsible in the case of their being an accident involving your vehicle while it is in this autopilot mode. I barely trust someone else driving my car let alone my car driving itself, what do you think?
 Trivia Answer
Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac- The automotive giant gets its name from the French explorer who came to America and founded Detroit in the 17th Century! 

September 2019 Newsletter

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Electric Vehicle Revolution: Government
With the importance of carbon emission reduction in the spotlight, you are sure to have come across several news stories or articles on the topic within the last five years. But, what does that actually mean for the US and the future of transportation and vehicles? According to the EPA, in 2016, the biggest culprit of CO2 emissions was transportation, accounting for over 28% of 2016 greenhouse emissions. Governments around the world are implementing laws and increasing incentives to encourage people to purchase more environmentally friendly vehicles. With advancements in technology and an increase in popularity, people now have access to electric vehicles with longer battery life and convenient public charging stations. If we follow the lead of other countries who have forward-thinking rules and policies, such as Norway and Netherlands, it is clear where this road will take us.
 Having a mix of pressure from both government entities and other auto industry competitors, it is only a matter of time before it culminates to a point where you are going to see a full transition into the electric market. Read more to learn about the steps nations are taking to not only prepare themselves for that future but trying to encourage vehicle owners to do the same as well. 
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New Drone Built to Do Your Outdoor Cleaning for YouOne of the most obnoxious things during the changing of  seasons is the build up of grime and dirt that you begin to accumulate on the side of your house or place of work. On top of the unappealing sight of a dirty building it is also a nightmare to clean, especially at the higher parts of the building that are not only hard to reach but extremely dangerous to get to as well. With all of the technology that is at our disposal today it was only a matter of time before this issue was resolved, and that is exactly what Lucid did with their cleaning drones. 
These small little drones have the ability to take a job that would usually take hours and reduce the time required substantially. All that is needed at one of these jobs is a drone operator, a drone, and a hose so you can dispense the cleaning solution. This allows for a thorough cleaning without the dangers of climbing the side of your house on a sketchy ladder and reduces liability for yourself as well if you are a cleaning business or hiring one. Small adjustments like this are helping improve our society in a big way. Is a service like this something you could see yourself using for your shop or your house in the near future?  TRIVIA
What is the most expensive car in the world?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Porsche Offers Apple their Long Awaited “In” Into the Auto Industry
If you have been paying attention to the technological field than you would know that Apple has been itching to sink it’s teeth, and eventually it’s resources into the auto industry. Between providing sound for vehicles to trying to master self-driving cars they have been knocking at the gate but haven’t had the opportunity to get in. However, they may have just received their golden ticket via Porsche; and are going to be a key new feature in the car brand’s first mass produced electric car, the Taycan, when it hits roads in 2020.  
This new innovative collaboration between the two mega brands gives customers access to their Apple Music account without having to actually even have their phone in the vehicle! Granted, as well know with anything that sounds amazing on the surface, it will have it’s fair share of “hidden surprises”. Though Apple Music will be built in, you are still going to need a strong internet signal to stream your music which means you need in-car internet which can get pricey. On top of this you still are going to need to have an Apple ID and an Apple Music account (priced currently at $10 a month). Big Tech has began to integrate itself with the auto industry in a natural transition to make both industries bigger and better and increase efficiency in our everyday lives. Today: Apple Music, Tomorrow: Endless Possibilities. What’s New With CAR This Month?
As an up and coming business, we are always trying to build up from the month before. September brings for our subscribers a few notable changes:
 Status Enhancements:
 On The Lot – Added a triple filter. Checked shows all “On The Lot”, Dash shows all open tickets that are not “On The Lot”.
 Waiting For Parts – Also a triple filter, we think the name is rather obvious in it’s function.
 Accountant Verified – Also a triple filter. This status was a request from a subscriber who has a bookkeeper verify each and every Service Request. They wanted their bookkeeper/accountant to be able to mark off which Service Requests had been completely verified. This feature is available, but it is a special request module that is not included in our standard pricing.
 Internal Notes:Send notes to your team members, complete with notification reminders. Assign it to the appropriate team members and have everyone on the same page.
 Service Request Notes: In addition to “Internal Notes”, we now have a similar feature that will allow you to write notes for any Service Request. The notes will also function as reminders and can be assigned to anyone on your team.
 On top of this we have also unveiled our Customer V2 mobile app (Available on the App Store & Google Play Store) a newer, faster version of our original mobile app that has a sleeker, more refined look. Besides these things we are also working on a partnership with a highly sought after vendor (that is all of the information we can offer at this time). Check out some of our other newest updates you may have missed from over the summer to track our upward trend. Trivia Answer
Bugatti La Voiture Noire- $12.5 Million – The Bugatti La Voiture Noire has surpassed the Rolls Royce Sweptail as the most expensive car in the world coming in at a whopping $12.5 million.

August 2019 Newsletter

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Electric Vehicle Revolution: Industry
It has become clear that since the beginning of the new millennium there has been a shift in the automotive industry. The first big change came when the assembly line was created leading to more vehicles on the road for much cheaper. Then there was the electronic fuel injection which improved vehicle’s engine efficiency. Now, since the start of the 2000’s, the newest big wave in the auto industry is electric vehicles. We have seen this shift coming for a while, from the introduction of hybrids to touch screens being standard equipment, you would be naive to think it’s a passing fad. Both the businesses and consumers are pouring money into these new vehicles because they understand that now is the time to go electric!
 This is not a trend that is going away anytime soon and is disrupting the normal operations of many long standing companies in the field. Click the button below to learn more about this growing market! 
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Countdown to Football: Pre-Season Top 10 TeamsIf you haven’t had your head in the sand lately than you would know that the NFL season is right around the corner. That being said let us, like all great sports fans do, argue over the PRE pre-season power rankings of the leagues “Best Teams” (According to USA Today). 
1. New England Patriots
2. Los Angeles Chargers
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Kansas City Chiefs
5. New Orleans Saints 
6. Minnesota Vikings
7. Indianapolis Colts
8. Atlanta Falcons
9. Chicago Bears
10. Cleveland Browns
Now, do I completely agree with these power rankings? Absolutely not. In fact, think it is grossly premature to say that the Browns are a Top 10 team just because they added Odell Beckham Jr. and; placing them over the likes of Sean McVay and the NFC Champion Rams is mind-boggling. On top of that, the Eagles at number three instead of the New Orleans Saints, who were one missed call away from a trip to the Super Bowl, is equally as preposterous. If you would like for me to weigh in on NFL pre-season rankings for next months newsletter please feel free to contact us and let us know.TRIVIA
What was the first vehicle to break the sound barrier?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry:New 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette Destine to Shake Up the Sports Car Industry
The Chevrolet Corvette is something of a staple in American society. Since 1953, car enthusiasts have been amazed by these sleek sports cars as they are always tied to a high level of social status but, have always taken a back seat to the likes of other super sport vehicles like the Porsche 911 or Audi R8. On the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Chevrolet made the surprise unveiling of the next generation Corvette C8 along with all of it’s new features. With its new mid-engine configuration and redesigned small block V-8 engine, this new generation of Corvette has the ability to go from 0-60 in 3 seconds or less. The thing that sets this new model apart the most however is the fact that it starts at only $60,000 which is miles apart from the next closest vehicle in this class. 
As I mentioned earlier one of the Corvette’s primary competitors is the Porsche 911, which not only is less powerful than the C8 but is also over $30,000 more AT LEAST! With the faster speed and the cheaper cost of the vehicle in comparison to it’s peers it makes you wonder if this model will drastically change the sports car market. For many enthusiasts in the automotive industry the decision will be a no-brainer when deciding between two cars with extremely similar specs but one starts at $60,000 while the others can have you spending upwards of $150,000. This type of difference in price is surely going to start waves as it is going to put an extreme amount of pressure on their European and Japanese competitors to re-evaluate the price of their higher end vehicles. As the release date approaches we will wait and see the ripple effect this new generation of Corvette creates.
Find Out MoreTrivia Answer
ThrustSSC – Andy Green was the first driver on land to go faster than the speed of sound. He actually caused a sonic boom that shook a school in a nearby town.

July 2019 Newsletter

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Challenges of the Auto Repair Business: Choosing the Right Software
It’s funny that the article we thought would be the easiest to write, has been the one that is proving to be the most difficult. I mean, we make some pretty awesome auto repair software… so, what else do you need? Well, after some serious thought, we realized that we use A LOT of software at our auto repair facilities each day. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features that should be offered and how to make the best decision for you, your business, the team at your service facility, and your customers.
To start, think about all the software that you use right now and how much it might be costing you.
Desktop Operating Software:
Sadly, most outdated vehicle repair software requires Windows in order to work. While there are strides being made in advancing access from Windows programs to Web applications, many repair facilities NEED Windows because of the vehicle repair software they are accustomed to. The majority of shops relying on that outdated infrastructure are running Windows PC’s. We’ve seen some shops still running unsupported versions of Windows, like Windows XP, but we’ll discuss that later article.
Within each desktop, regardless of their actual setup, each shop needs the following to function at minimum: web browser (Firefox & Chrome – free), calculator (included), basic word processing (Microsoft Office – not free for anyone or Google Docs – not free for businesses, but there are free options available).
 It is important to make sure that you are not only being smart with the software you choose, but with the money you are spending on it as well. Click below to read the rest of the article on our website.

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New Electric Vehicles Will Be Forced to Have Artificial NoiseWhen people discuss electric vehicles, rarely do you hear anything negative come out of that conversation. However, while it is incredible that we have been able to cut emissions from our vehicles, the struggle we are facing next is the potential danger of their lack of noise. According to the charity Guide Dogs (who represent the blind and near-sighted) electric vehicles are 40% more likely to be involved in an accident which causes injury to a pedestrian. This has led to both the European Union and America to take action and begin to enforce strict regulations on how manufacturers go forward making these vehicles. 
  According to CNN, the UK government will demand that all new electric vehicles sold must produce a sound while driving below 12 miles per hour or reversing. Similar to their European counterparts, the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require that the vehicle emit a noise under 18.6 miles per hour. While electric vehicles continue to make our world a cleaner place to live, we need to  be aware of the smaller issues that arise as we continue to advance our means of transportation. TRIVIA
What is generally considered to be the first “pony” car?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: New Land Rover Defender, Good Things Come in Threes
One of the most popular models of the Land Rover brand, the Defender, was discontinued years ago. Luckily for Defender fans, it has just been announced that the model will be making a comeback in 2020 and the next generation of this vehicle will be introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show. If you are already excited, prepare yourself because the new version of the Defender will come in THREE different sizes, the 90, 110, and 130.
 According to Automotive News, the Defender 90 will be a three-door vehicle that has a five and six seat version, the Defender 110 will be a five-door vehicle with five, six, and seven seat versions, while the Defender 130 will be five-door vehicle with eight seats. Each of these all terrain vehicles will also be available in 4 accessory packs (Country, Adventure, Urban, and Explorer) to accommodate the wide range of enthusiasts. We have seen a variety of old vehicle models making a comeback in recent years, the Ford Bronco, Volkswagen Microbus, and now the Land Rover Defender, showing us that sometimes the best strategy is just to stick with what you know works; the people have spoken and are getting what they want. 
Find Out MoreTrivia Answer
Ford Mustang- Introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, the legacy of the Ford Mustang has engulfed American Culture for decades and is also known as the first “pony car”.

June 2019 Newsletter

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Challenges of the Auto Repair Business: Advertising
Advertising is perhaps the most confusing part of owning any business, not just an auto repair business. Advertising is to take your marketing materials and broadcast them in mediums where you anticipate your target audience. The internet has drastically changed advertising as most understand it. We used to think of advertising as the “yellow pages” and newspapers. However, as discussed in the last section, the yellow pages come in many different forms these days, many of which promise you the world and few which actually deliver.
 We recommend taking a broad approach to advertising to test what will draw in the most amount of new customers. When thinking about how to advertise for your business, below are some suggestions to consider. Start by establishing a yearly/monthly budget and create and execute a plan. Be sure to follow through and ask new customers how they found you. This will help you to track effective advertising.
We are firm believers that Google’s vast grasp as a search engine is what makes it the king of advertising. Most people start their searches on Google. If you’re not on Google maps and your website hasn’t been crawled by Google… it may seem like your business doesn’t exist. While some people don’t think of Google when advertising, the fact that they hold a grasp on nearly 80% of all searches in the US should be reason enough to start. Picture 10 people searching for “auto repair in my town”, nearly 8 of them are using Google. It’s much easier and fruitful to advertise to 8 out of 10 than 2 out of 10.
 Let’s assume you have a $250 budget. A starter advertising plan may look something like this:

Google Business Page – Free


Facebook Business Page – Free


Adwords Campaign through your Google Business Administration Page – Budget Dependent – $100 per month recommended


Local Paper Advertising – Prices Vary – Assuming $100 per month     

This leaves you with some extra money to play around with. Click the button below to learn more about how to better use your money when advertising your business.         

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Amazon Employees: Building their Bank Account and their Gamer Score?While Amazon is hailed as one of, if not the, biggest and most powerful business in the world, they are also know for their hectic work environment. With a sea of complaints from current and former warehouse employees about the average work day, Amazon believes they have come up with a solution to make their workers’ days a little less stressful. 
Following in the steps of other big name companies, like Uber and Apple, Amazon is in the process of implementing strategies to challenge employees to boost efficiency in a fun way. By using video games to incentivise productivity, employees will be able to “build characters” and increase their game score. At the end of the day, employees with the highest scores will be awarded “swag bucks”, redeemable for company branded gear. As we enter a time where companies are ditching suits and ties and busting down cubicles, will video games be the next way to maximize worker potential? TRIVIA
What American car has the most horsepower?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Tesla Tax Credit a Blessing in Disguise for Car Buyers?
With Tesla’s domination over the realm of electric vehicles and a saturation of the EV market, the government’s willingness to offer a $7,500 tax credit on these vehicles will soon come to an end. In the next two years, this tax break will be cut in half and eventually cease to exist. On the surface it may seem like a deterrent for buyers but with Tesla’s promise of reducing the prices of all of their vehicles by $2,000, it may not deter many buyers.
 The initial price drop will entice new customers, and, as new competitors join the scene, the range of vehicle prices is sure to increase as well. In the end, electric vehicles have the added benefit of saving car users on fuel and maintenance. Individual consumers will have to decide whether to take advantage of the tax credit currently offered or wait to see the future pricing of electric vehicles.
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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (808 hp)- Known for their powerful muscle cars, Dodge has created the most powerful American car ever with the 2018 Challenger Demon.