CAR Shop Management System Subscriptions


Value Plan

  • Online Parts Ordering
  • Inventory Management

Basic Plan PLUS

Chat Support
Unl. Photos/Videos

Standard Plan

  • Employee Access Control
  • Job Timers

Value Plan PLUS

Phone Support
Employee Control
Job Timers


  • Custom Branded
  • Solutions
Take Control Of Your Data With CAR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee?
There is a one time fee for setting up CAR at your facility, $99.  For this fee we will setup 5 computers or devices at your facility to access the CAR platform quickly, easily and consistently.  The devices to be setup remotely could be: any computer, cell phone and tablet that is at least 3 years or newer in age and is running the most up to date software.

Please note that some devices require the latest versions of manufacturer software.  If that is the case, we can guide you through our phone support system or you can mail in your devices and we will set them up and return them to you. After your first year of CAR, if you sign on for another year we will we credit you the first month for free to cover the setup fee!
Why choose the CAR Free Plan?

CAR Free is our value subscription plan, saving you the most money per year using CAR. You are given a lot of the features that CAR provides, enabling your small business to get started with simplifying your process.  As your business grows, so do our offerings with CAR. 

We enable your business growth through tools that you can choose to pay for, when you need them.  This is the plan for anyone looking to learn about our platform or smaller auto facilities who don’t want or need complex systems for day to day use.